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8 Ball Pool

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The best pool game for everyone looking to become addicted

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updated on September 16, 2020


Free to play
Even with in-app purchases, winning the game is up to you
Various game modes
Very addictive with fun gameplay
Smooth Facebook integration


The entire game restarts when you minimize it
8 Ball Pool
Price: $
Playing games on an Android phone has never been more advanced and closer to console gaming. However, most Android users still prefer playing light, relaxing games and pool is a prime example. Let's see how 8 Ball Pool performs on the mobile market!

The 8 Ball Pool by Miniclip is one of the games almost everyone has played at a certain point in their life. It's available for free. After opening it and selecting an account, you are ready to play. You can play 1 on 1 with various alterations of the 8 ball rules. Different tournaments bring different price rewards. There are special games as well.

There are games with no guidelines which removes the helpful lines which point where the cue ball and the targeted ball will end up. Despite its name, 9 ball is also available in the game! You can connect the game to your Facebook account and play with your friends while competing with them on the leaderboard. There are more social elements such as sending gifts and getting coins when a friend you invite joins 8 Ball Pool!

Playing the game is satisfying! The helping lines are not too helpful to make the game too easy and you will still miss a few shots you thought should have gone in! The game features two different currencies: coins which can be obtained by winning matches, tournaments, and via various events; and Cash which needs to be purchased with real money. These currencies can buy you better cues but every match still pretty much depends on your skill and a bit of luck.

The game is very addictive so consider yourself warned! There are a few glitches which appear now and then. The worst part about the Android version is that minimizing the game even for a second (e.g. to respond to a message) causes the game to restart and load again. This can be quite annoying as it can cause you to forfeit the game you are playing!
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